Education as a response to sustainability issues


  • Katrien Van Poeck University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Joke Vandenabeele University of Leuven, Belgium



Environmental education, sustainability, pluralism, community supported agriculture


In the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development, there is a lively discussion about the paradox between acknowledging pluralism and taking into account urgent sustainability concerns. With this article, we aim at nurturing this debate theoretically and empirically. We draw on concepts of Latour and Marres that allow an analysis of educational practices that strive to take into account a multiplicity of views, values, interests and knowledge claims without resorting to an 'anything goes' relativism vis-à-vis the far-reaching implications of sustainability issues. We present an analysis of a guided tour of a CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture) and articulate how the care for a sustainability issue can incite an interesting educational dynamic (understood as 'education as a respons'e) that emerges as a derivative of 'mastery'.


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Van Poeck, K., & Vandenabeele, J. (2014). Education as a response to sustainability issues. European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults, 5(2), 221–236.