What can we learn from COVID-19 as a form of public pedagogy?


  • Stefan Bengtsson Uppsala University
  • Katrien Van Poeck Ghent University




Public Pedagogy, Corona, hyperobject, teaching, transactional didactic theory


This paper aims to investigate the corona-crisis as a large-scale, unplanned and unintended global experiment of ‘public pedagogy’. An investigation is focused on touching upon emergent questions such as: What does our experience of the crisis brought about by the emergence of this specific virus tell us about our assumptions of learning and of public engagement with an issue as a form of public pedagogy? We bring into play transactional theory of teaching and learning, as well as Jan Masschelein’s notion of pedagogical milieu of study and Timothy Morton’s concept of hyperobject to conceptualize what we can learn from COVID-19 in terms of teaching and learning.


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Author Biography

Katrien Van Poeck, Ghent University

Katrien Van Poeck is a senior researcher at Ghent University's Centre for Sustainable Development (Belgium) and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Uppsala University's Department of Education (Sweden) where she conducts research in the field of sustainability education.


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