As RELA is an open access journal, this means that anyone who can access the Internet can freely download and read the journal. There are no commercial interests for Linköping University Electronic Press or the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) in publishing the journal. There are no charges for publishing authors.

The core idea of open access is that copyright remains with the author(s). However, we publish with the agreement of the author that if she or he decides later to publish the article elsewhere, that the publisher will be notified, prior to any acceptance, that the article has already been published by RELA.

When publishing with RELA, it is with the agreement of the authors that if they make their articles available elsewhere online (for example, on their own websites or institutional websites), that they will do so by refering and linking to the articles as published in RELA using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the articles. We encourage the author to use the published version even it is also allowed to use the post-print version. 

Since 2021 RELA articles are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license which allows users to distribute the work and to re-work it without the author's permission, but never without acknowledging the original author. Other licences may be valid for older articles and are shown on each article page.