Critical information literacy: Adult learning and community perspectives


  • Catherine J. Irving St. Francis Xavier University, Canada



Critical literacies, information activism, information literacy, libraries


This article considers the evolution of information literacy as a distinct area of inquiry and instruction in libraries. The influence of critical and feminist pedagogies is paramount for the development of critical approaches to understanding an information landscape that is highly politicized. The definition and practice of information literacy will be described, followed by an exploration of critical approaches that help interrogate how information access and control affect these literacy goals and people’s democratic right to information. Information literacy that is grounded in social justice goals can be strengthened through the collaboration of librarians with other adult educators, community development practitioners, social service providers and activists.


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Irving, C. J. (2020). Critical information literacy: Adult learning and community perspectives. European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults, 11(1), 65–76.